Racketlon L÷wen German Open
13-15 July

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Entries have closed for this tournament

Entry Information

Entry to this tournament involves two simple steps:

1) Register.
To register is a one minute procedure. Just fill in the registration form to the left and click "Register!". You will immediately be able to see your entry in the entry list and whether you have been admitted or put on the waitlist. The earlier you register the better your chances to get instantly admitted. Book early to avoid disappointment! There is no reason to wait since you can, just as easily, cancel at any time before deadline.

2) Pay.
See elsewhere (normally the Tournament Homepage linked from above) for info on the size of the entry fee and general payment instructions.

Registration Deadline
Sunday 1 July

Your Commitment
Everyone registered as "admitted" at deadline is required to pay the entry fee. By hitting the "Register!" button you commit to this requirement. (At deadline, midnight, the entry list will freeze, which will make it very clear exactly who is required to pay.)

Your entry can be modified or cancelled on-line and in real time at any time before deadline. To do this, simply click your name in the entry list and supply the password you chose when you entered. (If you forget your password you can have an immediate reminder sent to you by e-mail.)



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