Gothenburg Top 32
22 April 2007

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Entries  (updated in real time! + sortable!)    
Nr Name Country Class Rank Date Status Paid

1 Jukka Salminen Finland MA 10 2007-04-02 Cancelled NO
2 Nils Börjesson Sweden MA 15 2007-03-27 Admitted NO
3 Håkan Granberg Sweden MA 4 2007-03-29 Admitted NO
4 Niclas Larsson Lindome MA 2 2007-03-30 Admitted NO
5 Erik Sturesson Sweden MA 18 2007-03-31 Admitted NO
6 Patrik Kruse Sweden MB 22 2007-03-31 Admitted NO
7 Daniel Majetic Kålltorp MA 17 2007-04-02 Admitted NO
8 Anders Vennersten Sweden MA 14 2007-04-03 Admitted NO
9 Martin Ahlstedt Sweden MB 47 2007-04-03 Admitted NO
10 Stefan Engström Sweden MA 3 2007-04-05 Admitted NO
11 Per Tipsis Sweden MB 64 2007-04-09 Admitted NO
12 Johan Linse Sweden MA 11 2007-04-11 Admitted NO
13 Lennart Ekblom Sweden MB 40 2007-04-12 Admitted NO
14 Jan Stålgren Sweden MB 35 2007-04-12 Admitted NO
15 Anders Brodin Sweden MA 10 2007-04-13 Admitted NO
16 Andreas Eide Sweden MA 28 2007-04-14 Admitted NO
17 Ulf Bredberg Sweden MA 1 2007-04-14 Admitted NO
Total registered: 16
Max limit: 40
(First 32 automatically admitted)

Men's Class A: 11
Men's Class B: 5
Men's Class C: 0

Ladies' Class A: 0

Registration Deadline:
Sunday 15 April

Payment Commitment
If your name is listed as "Admitted" when the entry list freezes at deadline you have to pay.

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